Story of us & Kero Nordic

We are an outdoor sports enthusiast duo who share the passion for purpose-driven business. During the years, we have had endless amounts of discussions on how we could contribute more on sustainability and bring more purpose to our own lives. Both of us are entrepreneurial, adventurous and love spending time outdoors in Finland.
One of our favorite sports is snowboarding and in March 2020 we participated at a snowboard touring camp at Pyhä Fell in Lapland. We felt super inspired and fell in love with the beautiful white fell views. Reluctantly, we started our trip back home to Southern Finland, which experienced its first snowless winter ever. During the trip home while discussing on climate change and over-consumption, the idea of Kero Nordic suddenly struck us. We wanted to start making outdoor clothes inspired by the Finnish nature as ecologically and ethically as possible. All of our products would be made in Finland. We decided on the name Kero Nordic to manifest the northern beauty and the frosty winters that we want to protect. Kero is a peak of a fell in Finnish. In four hours we had set up a limited company, drafted our values and planned the next steps.
The neck warmers are our first products, but they are not the last <3 Stay tuned!
Joyful outdoor moments from Kero mamas,
Kati & Ida