Sustainability is in the heart of everything we do. We want to fight against the climate change and over-consumption through minimizing our carbon footprint.

We use recycled materials always when possible, we make our products in Finland and partner up with only eco-friendly suppliers. We also want to be transparent on our sustainability choices. Read below how recycled PET plastic bottles are transformed into sustainable neck warmers <3

1. From fiber to yarn

Kuura neck warmers are made of recycled plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are collected, cleaned, ground up into flakes and made into chips. The chips are then spun into fiber and yarn. We get our yarn from an Italian company whose factory is located in France. 

2. From yarn to fabric

When the yarn reaches Finland, it is woven into fabric in Orivesi. The weaving is elastic to ensure the final product feels comfortable and functional. 

Kuura weaved in Orivesi

3. Eco-friendly printing

The fabric gets its magical colors in a village of Pälkäne, Aitoo in Finland. The printing factory uses 100% renewable energy and water-based pastes without any toxic materials.

Kuura colored in Aitoo

4. Locally produced

Finally, the fabric is sewn into neck warmers in Lahti, Finland. We are super happy that we are able to produce our neck warmers in Finland and thus minimize the carbon footprint of our products and employ local people. Our neck warmers have Key Flag Symbol which demonstrates the Finnish origin of a product.

Kuura made in Lahti

5. Packing and labels

The products are sent directly from our warehouse to customers in eco-friendly packaging. The packaging is made of FSC Certified paper and it is recyclable. Also, our recyclable labels are made of 100% recycled materials. 

Kuura packaging

6. Enjoy everywhere

Now our neck warmers are ready for your outdoor adventures! Remember that the products are reversible, which means they fit to almost every occasion – from urban to wilderness. We hope you enjoy Kero's warm, breathable and multifunctional neck warmers!

Kuura girls